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Vegas Raqs 2023

Sadie Marquardt



Class Description

Saturday Technique
Killer Drills and Combos

New for Vegas!



Music Selection and Show Prep


Discover the art of selecting the perfect music to elevate your show, unravel the meanings woven into the melodies, and skillfully prepare your performance to resonate with your intended audience. Uncover the secrets of showmanship in this immersive class.

Class Description

The Body Electric
Body and mind in balance. In this class Ashtalea will break down, explain, and share with you the tricks, techniques and exercises she uses to maintain good dance habits and muscle memory. She will teach a couple of combinations to different music genres that focus on how music enters the mind and in what way it can be translated to an audience through dance. Allowing body movement to add a visual to the sonic composition of rhythm and sounds. Smooths and sharps. Fasts and slows. And emphasis on creating beautiful lines.


Professionalism and Ethics for 
Stage and Gigs

Let us talk about the do's and don'ts for stage performances and gigs. After Mylissa's class on choosing the right music, we will learn how to prepare your music. We will also discuss professional and unprofessional habits and etiquette. Who to talk to when you arrive, how to choose lighting and cues, collecting payment and what to keep in your dance bag, let's talk about that too!


This skirt workshop will be focussing on skirt combos that can be done improv or in choreography as well as different ways to tuck a 25 yard skirt. In the style of Wild Card Bellydance, you will learn not only the movements and cues for improv but a short choreography utilizing those same moves as well.  Please bring a 25-35 yard skirt to dance in, there will be some for sale as well if you don't have one.



Belly and the Bar

Belly Dance is everywhere and you have to adapt and know your audience. Learn a fun choreography that you can do as a variety act to appeal to mass audiences. 

Improv Mashup:

In this workshop FCBD® Style meets ITS with a touch of Raqs Sharqi & a dash of Shuffle for the fearless & creative storyteller. I will demonstrate how these improv styles can be fused together in a choreography or used in an improvisational set to interpret the music & communicate your story. Finger cymbals & previous experience in these styles are not required.  Only your whimsy & sense of adventure.

5hrs with Sadie

2hrs with Ashtalea 

1hr with each:

 Ashley, Mylissa, Shari, Summer, and Treasa

12hrs Total!

Las Vegas Dance Academy  
4079 N Rancho Dr #120
Las Vegas, NV 89130
(faces back wall)
Las Vegas Dance Academy 
4085 N Rancho Dr #140
Las Vegas, NV 89130

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